Monday, October 25, 2010

A Plan to Create.

I love to have a game plan. Plans give me something to get excited about. The funny thing is, for years I’ve made fun of my sister because while I love to get excited about a shopping trip, a vacation, or a girls night out – she likes to have time to build excitement for a restaurant. She hates going to one of her favorites last minute, because she doesn’t have time to savor the excitement about being able to eat there. I’ve always thought this was extremely weird. Food is food. My favorite part about eating out is not having to clean up. But if you asked me 5 minutes beforehand, I’d be fine with that. I don’t need time to get hype about food.

I booked my holiday flights freakishly early again this year, per my usual. So in prep for holiday festivities I like to make plans that get my excited. Ok, now were getting to the heart of what this blog entry is REALLY about. Out with the old and ill-fitting and in with the new, new, new! New clothes in new sizes! I’ve decided to finally say a loving farewell to all my ill-fitting clothes from before I dropped 50 pounds and say and ecstatic hello to new clothes in my new (smaller) sizes. Here comes the plan part….

As with most 25 year olds, I don’t have a huge clothing budget during which I can randomly go buy a whole new wardrobe (wouldn’t that be nice). So, I’ve devised a plan, that’s complete with a ‘look book’. Oh yes, I am this intense about clothes.

I am retiring all my fabulously too big clothes to the local consignment shop where I hope to sell quite a few of them in the next few weeks. The money I make from selling said clothes, in addition to a couple coupons and gift cards I’ve been storing up – will make for a fun trip to the outlet mall, the week before Thanksgiving. This way, my clothes will fit when I get to see my extended family for the first time since my biggest loser-dome AND I will have a few warm items so I won’t freeze my wimpy Florida tush off up north.

Brilliant? I think so. But it gets better…

You know I’m OCD and all…so I’ve created a fall/winter ‘look book’ with all the stylish outfits I’d like to have in my wardrobe. I used magazine clippings from People StyleWatch/Glamour/ In Style/etc. That way I can assess what I already have to work with in my current wardrobe and what I still need to complete my favorite looks. I also make notes on each one about other combos that would also work with some of the same main pieces. It gives my shopping trip a focus and helps me have outfits that got together, instead of just great pieces with no plan on how to work them.

After writing this I am making a mental note to judge my sister less for her food obsession since clearly we have more in common that I thought…



Mere said...

I love having a plan also but sometimes (read: now in my life), the inability to know the future makes planning so much harder!

You should share some of your looks---I'd love to see. xo

Becca Christensen said...

That's a great idea! I'll work on that. : ]

I love seeing all your outfit ideas. You do a great job putting things together.