Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Fall Must-Have: Over the Knee Boots.

Ok so for the beginning of fall, which hasn't really happened yet here in Tampa - I wanted to tell you my fall must-have which I have already indulged in and worn despite a lack of chilly weather here...

Over-the-knee boots!

I love boots. I have 4 pairs myself. A classic below-the-knee, heeled black leather Kenneth Cole pair. I've had those for a few years, have them resoled once because I just love them too much to let them go. And honestly? They still look fabulous. I have a below-the-knee brown Steve Madden pair that also has a small heel. These are a bit more casual but cute with dresses especially. Then this year after a funny incident in which I got a collection of coupons that saved by 60 bucks AND found 80 dollars on the ground - I invested in a grey slouchy pair of Sam and Libby boots and an over-the-knee, slight wedge pair of black leather boots - by Audrey Brooke (called the Mandee). You can still get a pair like mine on DSW's website for 99.95. So that would be my under $100 suggestion.

But I also wanted to share this link to Cheao Chic Daily's post about over the knee boots that are all a steal! Here ya go. All of her suggestions are over the knee and under 100 bucks.

Happy boot hunting friends.



Kelly and Sara said...

I am also obsessed

Theresa said...

Thanks for the link! I just bought some featured Madden Girl boots on DSW, even though I shouldn't. With coupons I got $22 off and 500 extra points. Woop! :)

Chanel said...

OMG I so need over the knee boots. can you believe I've never owned any before! smh. getting some this week!