Monday, October 11, 2010

Coping with Candy.

In leau of my recent commitments to a healthier lifestyle - October is a tough month! Candy is a big weakness for me.

I rely heavily on women's health magazine's website for weight loss, health, and excercise tips and tricks. I also enjoying taking the quizzes they post from time-to-time that highlight what 100 calories look like. Right now they have a quiz you can take ( that shows 100 calories of candy. But I thought I'd make you a list here...

100 Calories of Candy can be eaten as:
- 3 1/2 snack sized twizzlers
- 5 starbursts
- 8 dots (ew)
- 13 1/3 Candy corn
- 28 milk chocolate m & ms
- 60 smarties
- 1 2/3 snack sized Yorks
- 2 twix minis
- 3 milky way midnight minis
- 1 1/4 snickers fun sized
- 4 3-muskateers minis

So happy halloween month and best of luck keeping your candy portions in healthy range. ; ]



Kelly and Sara said...

This makes me sad haha
I guess I would pick the m and ms or twix... you?

Becca Christensen said...

I'd say m and m or the 3 midnight milky way minis.

Maybe for halloween ill just eat 1200 cals of candy. That's still technically sticking with my eating plan. Haha.