Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Wedding Weekend - Candy and Josh.

You know I always have to debreif from any trip on the blog. It should come as no surprise to you then that I have some thoughts and pictures to share from this weekends trip to Scottsburg, IN as well…

I finished my 46th book of 2010 on my second flight yesterday – Liz Tuccillo’s How to be Single (a novel, not a self help book…I feel the need to defend myself about that). I’m not going to do a book review on it because honestly, I don’t feel inspired to say much about it other than this: it was not to my standards. The writing was so-so. The plot was a bit tired. The morals were somewhat lacking. And the ending was predictable and a little too ‘I will survive’ for my taste. Glad it’s over, glad to be moving on to book 47.

Thanks to an odd leg of my trip, I can now at Missouri to my list of states I’ve been too. Confession here it did take my 2 maps and some effort to figure out that I was indeed in Kansas City, Missouri and not Kansas City, Kansas. Why they would have a city named the same that close together but in two different states is really beyond me. I personally think that’s a terrible idea. Apparently the Nascar girls sitting beside me on my flight from KC to Tampa yesterday spend the entire weekend going back and forth between the two and could barely tell them apart. Hm.

I always have the most interesting travel experiences. After nearly missing my flight from Indy to KC yesterday, I sat in the very last row of the plane next to a couple who graciously allowed me the aisle seat after I ran a little frazzled and sweaty onto the plane during ‘final boarding call’ (there was a wreck on the interstate and Mom and I could barely get there). Turns out, not only were they precious – they’re moving (from KC) to Tampa in 3 weeks. We exchanged info and I will not be their first Tampa friend. You know I love a new friend. I had such an amazing experience getting settled into Tampa myself that now I really try to make others feel at home quickly.

The weekend was a bit of a whirlwind but of the best variety. I impressed even myself by how quickly I got from my condo, to parking, to the airport, checked a bag, thru security, grabbed Starbucks, and got to my gate – in literally 40 minutes total. Am I super woman or what? It was unnecessary since it meant that I had to sit at my gate for longer than I anticipated but better to sit and read then stand in line being wanded and groped for explosives.

I flew through Chicago Midway for the first time. I’ve been to O’Hare my fair share of times but never Midway. It’s surprisingly small for an airport in the greater Chicago area, and easy to navigate (much more so than O’Hare). I had a short but sweet little layover there en route to Indianapolis Friday. It was uneventful.

After landing we were able to slip over to Dad’s office for a quick visit. He even let us stay for lunch, which by the way is delish – having people cook you meals everyday at work would be life-changing (especially for my waistline). Though my visits with my parents never feel long enough, it was nice to get an hour in with Dad before I headed south to Scottsburg and he headed way farther south to my territory for the weekend of work.

Mom and I went out for frozen yogurt before I needed to get ready and head towards ‘the burg’ for the rehearsal and dinner. Unfortunately that yogurt made our stomachs hurt for 2 days. Ouch.

I wore my fabulous new dress and shoes I showed you all a few entries back, but sadly, we didn’t take ANY pictures of the rehersal dinner. I know, what is wrong with us? I’m hoping SOMEONE took some during the rehearsal and maybe I can find them on facebook at some point. Gr. That’s what I get for being too lazy to go back out to my car and get my camera. Boo becca.

Saturday morning we girls got our hair did… here we are make-up-less but hair done and obviously happy about it.

The wedding day was actually far more relaxing than any wedding I’ve ever been to let alone in! We ate subway and hungout at the house after our hair. Then we got ready at the church, took pictures, and still had a little down time before our walk down the aisle.
Candy was a beautiful bride. I loved her dress as you’ll see in some of the pictures below and she was absolutely stunning in it. Don’t worry Josh (since I know how much you love being talked about on my blog) you were super handsome yourself!

I didn’t know Lauren or Sam the other 2 bridesmaids before this weekend – but once you’ve dressed and undressed each other a few times, you’re practically family. Glad to know them both. What fun, sweet, and special girls they both are. Looking forward to hopefully getting to hangout with them again in the future.

It was great catching up with some of the Coach girls from back when Candy and I met. Laura and Sarah - so much fun seeing you both.
I'll close this entry with a few pictures... (some borrowed from others facebooks - hope you don't mind!)

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