Thursday, October 7, 2010

NFL - Week 5 Picks.

Ok, I had these posting for a bit last year during football season and they were enjoyed by my (few) male readers mostly. So here we go ahead. My predictions for the NFL - Week 5. I went a little renegade on a few so beware friends…

- Jacksonville over Buffalo
- Baltimore over Denver
- Indy over Kansas City
- Green Bay over Washington
- St. Louis over Detroit
- Chicago over Carolina
- Cinci over Tampa
- Atlanta over Cleveland
- Giants over Houston
- Arizona over the Saints
- Dallas over Tennessee
- Oakland of San Diago
- Philly over San Fran
- Jets over Favre (Vikes)

For the record, these are not who I want to win necessarily – they’re who I took to win in the pick em at work.



Ashley said...

I'm doing the pick em thing with some friends too! Currently ranked 4th out of 6...forgot to make my picks last week!

Nicole said...

I do fantasy football! I am 0 and 4 ahahah but I have a lot of fun because I am in a league with my co workers! I am not too sure with the QB situation on hiatus that the Bears will beat the Panthers or Philly over San Fran! But the thing I love so much about this game is, You NEVER know! =p