Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching up with Family.

Well I was somewhat absent (ok totally absent) from my virtual world this weekend. I feel a little out of the loop but thank you to everyone who read and commented while I was peaced out, and I'm working towards catching up on each and every of your comments and your blog posts. So have to fear, I won't be out of the loop for long.

I've shared previously that one of the few regretable things about me living in Florida is that not one of my family members lives within the same state as me. I am, in fact, a lone ranger down here. My parents are up in Indy. My sisters are in the Carolinas, where must of my Mom's side of the family resides. The rest are in Washington, Washington DC, Cali, etc. So when I get to have some family on 'my turf' it's a treat.

My Aunt Ju (my Mom's youngest sister) was in town this week with my cousin, Wesley, who plays baseball for Hamilton College in upstate New York and my Uncle David. I love all my family, let's be clear about that, but my Aunt Ju, Uncle David, and their two boys, Wesley and Whitley are so much fun! I love staying in touch with them and I see them every chance I get - which is, regrettably, not enough.

I was so touched when my cousin wanted to use his night off last Thursday to come down to Tampa (over an hour) to see my condo. You all know how much I love to inviting people into my little home but this was a whole new level of excitement. It brought me so much joy to show Wes and I was pretty much giddy with excitement at his response. He loved it! And I think I may have him convinced to move to Florida, asap (after graduation in May, naturally).

I drove over yesterday afternoon to watch him play in Auburndale (about an hour away) and spent the day lounging in the sun with my aunt and uncle, cheering him on. Wes and Whit are like brothers to me and I couldn't be prouder of them for a wide variety of reasons. They're seriously the greatest guys I know, I adore them. They're also smart, caring, and both great athletes (they both play college baseball currently). I love to cheer them on and I'm even trying to learn a little about baseball so I can keep up!

Next to my faith, family is #2. I cherish the time with them. It was really a great weekend, every aspect of it. But getting some family time really shot it through the roof. GREAT weekend!


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Kendra said...

That sounds so fun! Im glad you got to see your family. I don't see my family nearly as much as I should It saddens me sometimes.