Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New York City.

Hello beautiful people.

I determined as I started to 2011 that this year was going to be significantly different from last year. 2010 was a great year for me and to be honest I was sad to see it go. But, after spending a year really purposing to practice discipline, I wanted 2011 to be more about experiences (than saving money and losing weight).

I'm 25, single, and really in a great place in life. I may never have the freedom I have now, again. Now is the time to live it up. Not chucking the discipline I've developed but planning to spend my time, money, and other resources really living life to the fullest!

Over lunch at Nordstrom Cafe with two of my absolute favorite people in the world who double as my Tampa family I got an invite I couldn't have been more excited about. They invited me to New York City! Cue the Sex in The City theme music. Since they offered me a place to stay AND I had a voucher for the flight - it sounded like the perfect opportunity to see a city I already know I will love!

New York City is home to great shopping, famous landmarks, much of our nations history and landmarks and of course, the set of one of my favorite shows - Gossip Girl! Hopefully I will become friends with Blair and Chuck while I'm there. And if I win the lotto or find a million dollars on the ground between now and then I may just buy up a bundle of designer wear. But mostly I'm looking forward to strolling in Central Park, seeing shows, and spending time with people I love! Oh, and showing off a few of the fabulous outfits I've acquired recently.

So so SO excited to have this booked and ready to go. Now hurry up May - I've got a new city to conquer.



tara said...

Jealous!! I'm hoping our next vacay is to NYC!

Ashley said...

I'm so jealous! That's going to be such a fun trip!