Friday, March 4, 2011

What a Weekend.

Well the much anticipated weekend with my best friend has come and (sadly) gone. We sure did have a great three days and taking her to the airport Monday was seriously, heartbreaking. It gets harder each and every time. Even when we have our next trip on the books (June 30th - hurry up!) it's still tough and usually tearful when we have to part ways.

The neat thing is that our lives are both going so well. Sadly, that keeps us 17 hours away and only able to see each other every couple months. But it's cool how having such different lives hasn't made us miss a beat in our friendship.

Friday night we hit Bern's dessert room - a Tampa favorite with my sweet Auburn. It was so fun to finally introduce Candy and Auburn, my bffs from two different places. And naturally, they got along famously. Our desserts were delish - mine was of course called: Chocolate chocolate chocolate. Yumm...

Oh and please note that I finally had a chance (excuse) to wear my one shoulder dress with the beading I love. Yay.

I of course also shared with Candy my favorite South Tampa fro yo joint: Yogurtology.

It successfully changed her life.

Oh and mine, again.

We worked on our tans, we went souvenir shopping (read: treasure hunting), shopped the outlet malls for some great deals like this little number from the Gap outlet:

We drove down for a quick trip to the Gap outlet in Ellenton Saturday morning before hitting the pool. Along with this dress I got a cute off the shoulders coral sweater.

We introduced her to Nordstrom Rack where the dress I've been stalking for MONTHS finally went on clearance and I bought ...and so did Candy. It's so fun and colorful - I'll have to post a picture soon. We've decided when I'm up in Scottsburg for the 4th weekend we should be twins for church. Wouldn't that be classic?

It was another great weekend that passed too quickly. Already trying to scheme ways to see Candy again sooner rather than later. But thankful for the time we got and her faithfulness to visit me. Lucky to have such an amazing friend.


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