Sunday, March 27, 2011

Look I Love #1.

(image taken from

Zoe's outfit has two elements I'm currently obsessed with - leopard print footwear & leather jackets. Sadly there are few occasions for leather jackets in Tampa, since it's 90 degrees most of the time here. But I do love them. I fully intend to wear my white moto jacket in NYC in May.

I haven't found just the right pair of leopard heels yet BUT I do have a great pair of leopard Steve Madden wedges which are uber comfortable and can we dressed up or down. My Mom and I bought them, brand new, at a consignment botique in Carmel, IN (Carmel Consignment) and I've probably worn them 100 times since. Best $12 I ever spent, perhaps?

I do not, sadly, look as tall nor as lean as Zoe in skinny jeans but I do love the color of her jacket and the combo with the shoes. I would certainly wear this outfit on my New York trip if I had it...hmm, maybe I can keep my eye out for a jacket similar?


Note: This is the beginning of what will be regular posts of looks I love as I find them. I'm not sure if it'll be weekly, less, or more. Just stay tuned.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Ohhh I love this outfit, too!

tara said...

I love that jacket! I hardly ever get to wear my leather jacket though because the weather here is pretty much either HOT or COLD. :(

Neely said...

I want a leather jacket soooo badly but im super picky!

Mere said...

I love leopard print shoes too! Surprisingly I don't have any and I really never think to buy them but I do love them when I see other people wearing them.

Miss Chelsea said...

$12?!? I may have to make a trek up to Carmel (I'm a westsider haha)