Monday, March 21, 2011

Review: Clean & Clean

One HUGE problem we in Florida face is trying to keep our makeup looking fresh all day long. It's hard when you live in humidity and when you sweat checking the mail or getting in your car on your lunch break, every day. I'm a huge advocate of natural looking makeup. I don't mind going big for a night on the town every once in a while, but on the day to day I want my makeup to work with what I've already got. The skin I inherited from my Dad's side of the family that has year round color, for example. I don't want to cover up my face, I just want to enhance it and keep my skin tone even.

I've tried everything to keep my makeup the same from 8am to 8pm and I've had a tough time. It doesn't help that my skin is oily to begin with and Tampa just makes it harder to keep that under control. I've tried primers, oil blotters, and even powdering my face 5 times as day. But this week I decided to try a new moisterizer just put out by Clean & Clean. It's a mattifying moisturizer that's designed to keep you from getting those weird dark spots where your makeup 'pools' for lack of a better term and the spots that get super shiney (aka forehead).

I picked some up at Ulta on Wednesday of this week with a 3.50 off coupon (it was originally 6.99 - still very reasonable). I have to say I'm really pleased with the results! I tried it Thursday and even after a lunch break that included running home to pick something up, meeting a friend, and returning something at the mall - I was shine free!

All I can say is, where has this been all my life?



Neely said...

Im such a product whore ill have to try this!

Meghan said...

I love it! I use a lot of Clean & Clear products so I will have to check this out too!