Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look I Love #2.

(Image taken from I haven't been a huge Katie Holmes fan since her marriage to Tom Cruise. They kind of give me the creeps. When she was recently named the new face (and body?) of Ann Taylor I wasn't surprised, however, she really has their look. I do love this outfit on her. She has the rare advange of having long, lean legs that us 5'3 foot girls would kill for - so wide leg jeans are a good look on her (they only serve to make Yours Truly look stubby). It was a great choice to hair a loose fitting top with the structured, cropped jacket. I would, however, have choosen pointy toed shoes to more gracefully lead the eye upward. If any of my readers happen to be 5'8, 120ish - feel free to rock this look in my honor.

Love, B

Today's Workout:

Jogging intervals with the heart rate monitor - 30 minutes.

(needed a break from weights, I'm wicked sore after 5 days in a row of various weight related training).


Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

I love Ann Taylor Loft. And Katie Holmes is super cute, although with the uber strange Tom Cruise. Anywho, I feel your pain. I am FOUR FEET ELEVEN INCHES. :(

Ashley said...

Very cute! Love Katie, but not so much with Tom. Too much weirdness.

Neely said...

Katie and TOm are oddballs but that outfit is super cute!

Heather said...

I think they're both nutzo but she does dress amazingly 99% of the time. And I would kill for Suri's wardrobe. ;)