Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When Good Girls Get on Craigslist.

Ok I've always had weird ideas about Craiglist. Maybe because my first experience with it came from a girlfriend of mine suggesting I peak through the personal adds. Ohmygosh! Disgusting. Selling yourself (well, really giving yourself away for free) on the internet is so creepy. It should never be done.

But I gave CL a second go around after buying the condo last year and bought my fabulous couch which was originally from Scan Design through a Craiglist add. I poured over them for months and let me tell you what most people describe as vintage, beautiful, or like-new is just plain junk. But finally a beacon of perfection in a sea of people's worthless filth...there was this:

It's been a great couch to me so far. We love each other very much. Oh and those pictures FINALLY did get hung. Ya know, like a year later.

Anyway, I decided earlier this week that it was time to purge a few things. Mostly things I bought during my heavily consumer days of working at Coach. After working there I kept buying from them steadily for a few more years. I just love their products because they are high quality and stylish but not in an overly 'trendy' way that goes out within a year. Some of my favorite bags I've had for years but they look brand new and they're just as stylish now as they were when they just came out.

I decided to give it a go. I made an account and started posting a few items. I was pleasantly surprised when I'd sold 3 things within the first 24 hours. It was faster, easier, and entirely less creepy than I expected. I also sold a handbag after posting on facebook that I was considering selling a few things. I got a text from a friend in SC who asked what I had up for grabs and she ended up being my first sale, before I even finished creating a log in for my CList account. Whew.

What I will say is a monster may have been created. I've always loved the feeling of a good 'purge'. But purging and recouping money all at once? Brilliant. Plus there's something slightly invigorating about selling things over the internet. I know, I know - I'm a freak. Stop judging.

I have a few things left I'd like to find new homes for (and fatten up my wallet) - but I'm very pleased with my first experience as CLister. I would recommend it. Just be careful and don't trust just anyone.

Happy & Safe Selling.




Kendra said...

I am iffy about craigslist. I've never had a bad experience but I'm always worried of course.! I'm glad you are enjoying it.

Dan said...

While you feel invigorated by selling things over the internet, I have to resist the urge to buy things over the internet. Ordering from Amazon and having it delivered to my door gives me the feeling of Christmas when I come home to see the box waiting.

I'm a freak.