Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Push it to the Limit.

(this is my favorite workout shirt, ever)

I love a challenge more than the next girl, we all know that. So you may have thought after a few weeks of silence about challenges other than food related (the fast, the gfree) that I was getting soft. Well have no fear blog readers, there are new challenges on the horizon. I won’t even leave you out – I’m up for you all adding your challenges to the mix and I’ll encourage you along the way.

First off, I’ve decided to set a time frame on reaching my goal weight. I told you a while back that I was *hoping* I could finish by July, well friends, I’ve decided that hoping just isn’t good enough. To reach my final, ultimate, awesome goal weight by my 4th of July trip to Indiana I have to lose 1.4 pounds a week from now until then. Can I do it? We shall see. It won’t be easy since each and every pound is getting harder to lose and I’m having to work the hardest I have for every .something of a pound. BUT I’m confident I can do it with discipline and hard work which let’s face it, I could use more of in my life. So now that it’s in writing it’s official and I’m working hard to get there.

Even the idea that my goal weight is within reach is REALLY exciting. It’s been a long journey but honestly, not as long as I would have thought. With April fast approaching and me inching ever closer to the official 70 pounds lost mark, I feel really great about the progress I’ve made in one year. I CAN do this. It’s funny that all this started with simply saying one day ‘I think I’m going to lose weight’, in honor of a wedding, and here I am nearing the end of a year of hard, steady work with incredible results. I’m going to finish my 1 year mark strong and celebrate it Easter weekend. I won’t be celebrating it with food though, since I now have a timeline for my final goal.

Don’t worry the goals don’t stop there – I have a new exercise challenge now on the books as well. I’ve signed up for my first Adventure Race. If you’re not familiar with the concept it’s a 3.6 mile run with obstacles that include running part of it on the beach, getting in the water, crawling through mud, running through tires, etc. It’s longer than a 5k, and with a twist. Should be a hard new challenge but one I think I’m ready to train for and embrace. Lucky for me, I’ve got great friends. My friend, Jess, has agreed to volunteer so I can run for free (awesome!) and my new roomie (who moves in the last weekend in April) has agreed to run it with me as well as Auburn & Bryn!

I’m actually freakishly excited about the idea. Even though I know the training will be tough and the race somewhat grueling. You know me, I’m a glutton for punishment. I thrive on a little competitive hardship. So here we go again… : ]



Lindsay Barta said...

If you want more company, I may run the Picnic Island Adventure Race with you!!!

Becca Christensen said...

Yes maam! Come on! : ]

tara said...

I believe in you! You can totally reach your goal weight by then!

Becca Christensen said...

Thanks T. : ] You're so sweet and encouraging.

Neely said...

I want one of those shirts hardcore!