Thursday, March 10, 2011

I'd to Introduce You to...

Old school pic of us at camp years ago. (please excuse my Deion Sanders dew rag)

We've come a long way - here we are in Tampa the day of her interviews.

My new roommate & coworker - the 'other' Bekah, Bekah with a k, B-squared - whichever you prefer. Bekah and I go way back...back to being 5 years old when Bek was about the height I am now and I was you, know, childsized. We spend every summer at camp together with our families and we our friendship grew over the years.

High school and college saw us into a lull in our friendship that we both now regret. As we were busy and distracted and our lives were in two different places and states. But thankfully, we've been reunited for a year now and God has seen fit to bring us even closer still...

Bekah decided a little while back to join my here in Tampa to be my roommate and as of her visit this week, she has been offered and accepted a job at Family First so we will also be coworkers. She may or may not be quickly become the new and better version of me? Ack. But really, I think we make a pretty dynamic team and couldn't be more excited that we will soon be together.

You can also get to know her better on her blog. Yes, we share a home, a place of employment, and a love for blogging, fro yo, getting tan, and of course the same Savior. : ] Pretty fabulous stuff.




bekah brinkley said...

wahooooooo!! soon and very soon :D

tara said...

Aww y'all are going to have so much fun together!

Kendra said...

That is so super exciting. I am sure you will have many girls nights and work will be so much more enjoyable.! Excited for you both.!