Friday, March 25, 2011

I Can't Wait to be on the Road Again.


Well lovies, I am packed up and ready to peace out at lunch time today for a glorious weekend in the Keys with long-time bff, Jess Corbin. In the midst of a rough week over a month ago we determined it was time to get a plan and get out of town. I refuse to even answer to Becca this weekend, I'm making up a fake name and pretending to be someone else all weekend long - name suggestions are welcomed.

I plan to be somewhat disconnected from the internet world all weekend. I've planned my blog posts so I won't have to worry about writing while I'm away (but rest assured I will come back with a list of new blog topics I'm confident, traveling inspires me). I'm going to keep the texting to a minimal (I receive on average about 20K a MONTH - it's exhausting). I'm taking no calls. I'm leaving my laptop. I will probably post a few facebook status and tweets (it's hard for me not to brag a bit when I'm on the beach) but other than that, I'm unplugged friends.

It's time for this part-Hawaiian to tap into her inner island girl and relax where I belong - in the sun. I hope to come back rested and sickeningly tan.

Pictures and thoughts to come when I return, until then enjoy the blogs I've scheduled and don't worry I'll be back to commenting in full force on Monday.



tara said...

Enjoy your trip, Becca!

Café Moka said...

Have a great time!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

New follower from Tara's blog :) Have a fun trip!

Heather said...

Please use the name Ursula. It gets great reactions from people. ;)

Have a wonderful trip! I hope you do tweet while you're gone--I want details!

Nicole said...

SO jealous! Have fun! My fake name is Lola you are MORE than welcome to borrow it! lol =D

Meghan said...

Umm, I am so jealous! I hope you have a wonderful trip!