Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Chilly Weekend.

Well I'm headed to the 'lou' tomorrow morning. St. Louis that is. My first trip to that side of Missouri. I'm looking forward to my first view of 'the arch' and of course the usual experimenting with a new cities cuisine. Life has to revolve at least a little bit around food, right?

I thought it had gotten chilly when I was running errands last night and it was only 50 degrees but it's looking like that's only a little prep for a chilly weekend in the L. The temperature should be a slightly terrifying 41 degrees when we touch down tomorrow morning. I woke early this morning to work on my packing. Good thing I had my coat dry cleaned. It's new but for some reason it was a bit smelly. Thankful for 1.99 dry cleaners this week - especially since my Christmas party dress is also now clean and ready for Tuesday.

On a happy note my most recent review was a success on multiple levels. One of my readers, Lisa, has already, bought, read, and finished the book - so my review was actually taken seriously, which I always like. Lisa wrote on my facebook last night:

If that wasn't good news enough, I may have mentioned previously my excitement at being found (via the blog) and asked my this particular company to review the book. It was my first time working with them and obviously, it was my desire to review the book with excellence and please them with my work.

I wrote my contact to give her the links to my blog review as well as a consumer review (on amazon) and received a positive response from her last night as well. She wrote that not only had she enjoyed the review but had pasted it on the Heather's editor who was equally pleased. She also wrote that she would be happy to work with me again and would send me other books for review if I am interested. This was great news.

Well, I best be getting moving if I'm going to have time to stop for a diet dr. pepper on my way to work.



bekah brinkley said...

i can't believe you're going to be in my state and i'm not going to see you. terrible planning on my part. why did i agree to play in a coed volleyball tournament all day saturday when i could have driven east on 44 to see you?!?!!!

Jessica said...

I'm from St. Louis... hope you like your visit!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm glad I can help promote your voracious book interest! I'll definitely keep an eye out for any others from the publisher/editor.