Monday, December 20, 2010

Beautifully Different.

Yikes, these prompts are really going to make me dig deep aren't they? I'm not great at giving myself credit. Perhaps this will stretch me to give a little credit where it's due. The neat thing about celebrating our differences is that the bible tells us we are all wonderfully and uniquely made. I am no exception.

Hmm, most of this won't be new to you all since I'm pretty open about my quirkiness anyway. I am freakishly OCD. I love to organize. I love to throw things away (or donate them). I avoid clutter. I'm basically the anti-hoarder. I won't even decorate for Christmas because I don't want to store the decor for 11 months out of the year to use it for 1 (Hey Tara - maybe I should just leave my tree up year round like you. That would make it worthwhile).

I love to dance. I'm a terrible dancer which I attribute to having the grace of an elephant in a china shop in addition to having been home schooled growing up so obviously, didn't do much dancing til high school dances at other people's schools and the occasional party in college. Trust me, it's not a pretty sight. BUT I love it. Living alone, I get plenty of time to dance without judgement.

Other beautifully different things about me you may not know...

- I studied deaf community and culture for 6 years. I (was) fluent in sign language, though am not severely out of practice. I love the language and the people.
- I was a photography major for 3 years of college and while I don't have a ton of time (or money) to use towards it now - I still read other people's photo blogs and live vicariously through my friends who continued on that path.
- I drink diet coke out of a 2 liter most mornings while I get ready for work. Yeah, that makes me beautiful. Roll with it.
- I write real, snail mail letters to friends. Handwritten letters are truly a lost art, but they aren't lost on me.
- I help my friends make life plans. This sounds weird, but I do. I love to help people meet their goals and creative genius of ways for them to do that strike me at odd times.
- I love to have people in my home. Whether it's old students of mine who come back into town and want to talk over coffee or friends who call to come use me for my pool. I rarely cook for people but I'll always throw something in the microwave or curl on the couch with some hot chocolate. I love that I have a place where my friends from out of town can always stay when they're here or when they need to escape the midwestern winter. Mi casa is truly su casa or however that saying goes.



Krystal said...

I share your love of snail mail letters. :) I joined a fellow blogger's pen pal list to keep me writing. :)

bekah brinkley said...

you and i could have come from the same womb. seriously. however, i highly doubt that our mother would have named us the same thing but with different spellings. but seriously, let's think about it...

1:: terrible dancer: check.
2:: freakishly OCD: check.
3:: love organizing: check.
4:: anti-hoarder: check.
5:: avoid clutter: check.
6:: prioritize hand-written letters: check.
7:: love diet coke: check.
8:: love hosting parties/having people over: check.

further proof of BeccaBekahAwesomeness