Thursday, December 16, 2010


What did I do this year to cultivate a sense of wonder? (reverb10) Great question. What did I do? As a firm believer in creating an environment in which you create opportunities to use your imagination, I'm a huge believer that literature is a gift. This year I poked and prodded my sense of wonder with book after book about a large range of topics from alcoholism, to mental health, to love, to Christian living, to murder mysteries, to cheesy chic lit.

Literature is my chance to get lost in my imagination and wonders galore. Here in the US more than any other country we take for granted the ability to read and what a gift that is but also of having libraries, the internet, etc where we always have resources to be able to read, free! I really try not to take that for granted and to take advantage of the resources around me. I hope that my writing about the books I read continues to encourage some of you to also dive into books.


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