Sunday, December 26, 2010


I saw where my friend Bekah addressed her hatred of the word try on her blog and I'm inclined to agree. You either do or don't do things, I'm not one for grey areas.

This year I had some great successes - from completing my first year of home ownership successfully to reading 50 books. I have triumphed in several areas but you'll have to read my new years eve post recapping this year to find out more.

In 2011 however, I'd like to succeed at going at least one new place AND I'd like to try indoor sky diving. Profound, I know. But you know what, fun is an important part of life. I try to make everything I do as much fun as possible and rest assured 2011 will be the most fun I've had yet, no matter what it holds.

Here's to removing the word try from all of our vocabularies this year and focusing on achieving our dreams.



bekah brinkley said...

love the way you think and the way you approach life.

Meghan said...

I love this post! You are such an inspiration!