Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breathtaking Moment.

In continuing with the prompted from reverb 10 - today I'm to tell you about one single moment, when I felt the most alive. Alive is kind of an interesting choice of a feeling to define a specific moment. Can I adjust here? Wait, this is my blog, of course I can. I'm going to pick a favorite moment of 2010 to share with you and not necessarily because it made me feel alive....roll with it.

Defining moments come for each of us but they seem to come more often in your 20s than in most stages of life. I moved into my first home (that I owned) in the beginning of January. My first few nights there, I had no furniture, was sleeping on an air mattress on the floor in my living room, waiting for life in my new home to begin. My Dad called me one day and told me to enjoy every moment of this time in life, because these are the best parts. The silly, funny, odd, moments that later define the best days of our lives.

January in football households means playoffs. I was newly in the condo, still furniture-less except the airmatress and TV but I wanted to usher in the playoffs in my own home. My friends Jen and Jess joined me and we literally ate pizza on the airmatress and watched my Dad make his second ever Super Bowl. Does like really get any better than that? There's something to be said for starting with nothing and loving every second of your life while it's simple.

That moment for me defines how I feel about having a home. From day one it has been my desire that whoever comes over will always feel as at home there as I do. That it will be a place full of memories, love, friendship, and defining moments. It was nice to start that off on the right foot.


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