Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eliminating Distractions.

On day two of my reverb journey (see yesterday's entry) I'm to tell you what I'm doing daily that's keeping me from my writing. Honestly, my writing right now is about my life, if I wasn't living outside of my writing, I'm not sure what I would have to share with you. I'm careful not to let TV and things of that nature distract me from better activities (such as reading, writing, quiet time, excercise, etc).

I've always been a firm believer that your writing should be a reflection of your life, not the reverse. That being said, in 2011, one of my goals is to make a fair amount of progress (still in the planning stages of what to define as progress) on my book. I've shared with you all here before that it is my desire to write a book. Perhaps I haven't told you enough about that goal. I've spent the last two years reading books by talented authors and preparing my mind for what is next for me - being one of those authors.

The first question people ask about this illustrious book is, what will it be about? I sought out the wise council of my closest friends and relatives as I thought through what I had to say that was of any sort of value to the world. Everyone seemed to agree that it should be about one of 2 things - A. growing up as a coaches daughter, or in other words my life. The moving, the media, the chaos, the football, the famous people. A true inside look into what my childhood was like as a result of Dad's NFL career. Or B. how to be successful at life in your 20s. The good, bad, ugly, and untold of what it's like to be 20-something in a time when jobs are scarce, salaries are low, and expectations are higher than ever.

Still pondering these two and trying to determine which is the right choice. I'm certainly open to your thoughts as well. I will try as I pursue my writing this year to remain open and honest about it so that you all can be involved. Your opinion is important to me, afterall, you are the ones who faithfully read my writing.


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Anonymous said...

I'm much more interested in the daughter of a coach book. But then again, I'm almost thirty so I don't need a guide to survive my 20's. :)