Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Note to Self.

Dear 35 year old self,

Reverb told me to write you a letter. Actually I think you're supposed to be writing me one. Hmm. Anyways, I hear you're quite the baller. Nice work. Your husband is really hot and that new crib you bought? Legit! Nice work on the new job (wink wink) - so cool.

Basically, you're awesome and your life is awesome. I'm glad I'm going to be you in 10 years. Turns out 35 doesn't look so bad on you. Nice work.

All I really have to say is - get it girl!

25 year old Becca

Prompts from Reverb '10.

1 comment:

bekah brinkley said...

You crack me up!! I can't wait to see us in 10 years. :)