Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2011 Plans in the Making.


Well I added two new states to my list of places I've been this year as I continue in my journey to see all 50 states before I kick the bucket. With 21 to go at only 25, I think there's a good chance I'll make it yet. Though, it's probably about time I get to work on some trips!

Speaking of which, it's been fun to have a clean slate for 2011 with my new calender insert installed. 12 months ahead to explore new places, meet new goals, and enjoy this amazing stage of life I am in! I can't wait to share with you for New Years my recap of 2010, which has been an absolutely incredible year for me - but you know me, I'm already forging ahead to what's next!

I was thrilled to make the first big insert into my new calender a visit from my best friend in February. Reuniting with 'the other Bekah' for some hang time in May has also been added to the books with much excitement. A college buddy is visiting in January (hopefully) and I'm working on a few others to get Florida trips on their books. My aunt, uncle, and cousin Wesley will be down in March for baseball tournaments and I'm hoping I can host them at the condo a few night while they're in town as well. Those being said (with much enthusiasum) I'm also hoping to get out of town and see a few places myself this year...

- I want to drive over a spend a weekend in St. Augustine, Florida. My family went a few years ago and I love it there. Since moving back to the Sunshine State I've been meaning to go back there, but just haven't had the time yet. Expect to see that in 2011.

- Scottsburg, Indiana. That's right - as Josh fondly refers to it as 'Mayberry' it has stolen a piece of my heart (since it holds my best friend, her hubby, Ellen, and a town full of sweet people and cute little places to go). I want to head down there in late 2010 or early 2011 so see my bff's new home and spend some time with the people she loves, and I've grown to love.

- Washington, DC! My aunt Ju and Uncle David live there and I haven't been to explore the city since the days of living in Maryland with my family (when I was under 10). It's time. I love spending time with my aunt and uncle and I'm hoping to catch my cuz, Whitley, playing some baseball (at the University of Virginia) while I'm up there. With a few free flights just around the corner from my 2010 travels, I look forward to planning a trip up that way in 2011.

- I should know in the next month or so where I'll be traveling for work in 2011 - but you can look forward to a long list of those destinations in early 2011 too and I'm hoping maybe a few new destinations for me will be on that list as well.

- Jacksonsville. I broke tradition last year (out of necessity) and skipped the Colts v. Jags came in Jacksonville but I fully intend to be back at my tradition in 2011. Who's with me?

- Atlanta. I want to hit the ATL for a trip sometime in 2011 and I'm hoping that'll include some face time with T.
I'm still open to suggestions (and invitations for free places to stay, naturally) for my 2011 adventures.

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bekah brinkley said...

i may or may not have put you down in my 2011 planner yesterday. and by may or may not, i mean definitely. can't wait to see you in May!! the plan is to look at flights over my time off in a few weeks. deal?