Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 at a Glance.

To wrap up 2009 I did an entry showing the highlights, as a recap of a great year. In similar fashion I want to give 2010 it's due because this really has been the best year of my life. It has been tough and challenging and full of obstacles but as I say goodbye to this year it's with sadness, for despite the bad there has been an overwhelming amount of good this year. So join me (tearfully if you must) in flashing this year before your very eyes and appreciate the highlights of 2010.

2010 at-a-glance:


- First off, let's start with this entry where I laid out what I wanted my life to look like in 2010. I later recapped my success with an entry in early December.

- I worked on my condo in my first month living there including painting a wall and changing out the carpet.

- We made the Superbowl, again! I have now had a once in a lifetime experience, twice.


- We lost the Super Bowl.

- I battled through being a million miles from home...

- I got my second invite from Dove to host an event.


- Hosted said event.

- I finally posted a raw entry written months before about love lost. This is one of my favorite entries to date.

- Proof that I did occasionally slow down and enjoy life this year.


- I learned discipline.

- Made plans to take on two new towns for two new adventures.


- I spoke to 1000s of people about, gasp, getting it all wrong.

- I created space.


- First video blog in the new condo.

- I learned about grace under pressure.


- Had a breif glance into life when you love an addict.

- I got to ride in a hummer limo and get trained by a celebrity trainer!


- Mom came to Tampa.

- More raw honesty came out.

September: (the month Yours Truly was born)

- I witnessed a miracle.

- I turned 25.

- I did home improvements. (three entries for the price of one)

- I spent my birthday with the Manning brothers.

- I let my best friend love someone else.


- I was in my best friend's wedding.

- I revealed my 50 pounds of weight loss.


- I got my wisdom teeth pulled.

- Posted before and after pics (ack).

- Wrote the entry that took the most out of me.

- Met one of my heros.

- And made time to spend Tgiving in Indiana (with a Peyton Manning look-a-like).


- I started making plans for 2011.

- Burned some bridges.

- Finished my 50th book (and reviewed it).

- Celebrated a year in my condo & as a homeowner with a Cribs vid.

It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway - this has been an incredibly rewarding year. I've grown a person, Christian, daughter, friend, sister, leader, and blogger. I look forward to 12 more months of adventures next year. Thank you for being a part of this year. Stick around because it's only going to get better from here.


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