Monday, December 6, 2010

So Long St. Louie.

Well I'm back from St. Louis and now back on the blog. Hope you enjoyed my product recommendation I left you with while I was away. I hope it's been added to your Christmas list, as it has been to a few of my coworkers and a few of my close friends since they've got inspired by all my gabbing about it.

I wasn't lying when I said it would be another chilly weekend. It was just that. Actually, it was freezing! But our weekend with the St. Louis Rams was a smashing success. Another great All Pro Dad Event, that our team and theirs can be proud of.

Since being back I did find the perfect shoes to go with my New Years Eve dress - so a special thank you for all the input that I received here on the blog. I took all the advice into consideration and without you, wouldn't have considered, let alone bought what I did. I will reveal that with a picture sometime soon - promise!

As 2010 nears an end I want to ask some feedback from you lovely readers. There's been some transitions and some new topics brought up here this year - some were met enthusiastically while other's weren't. So what I want to know is what do you want to see more of here on the blog in 2011? I take all the comments I get here seriously and will really consider all requests and try to meet as many as possible. But I'm going to go ahead and say there will continue to be little or no blog action as related to my dating life - so for those of you who like to ask for that regularly - you are out of luck! A girl has to have her lines she doesn't cross.

Here are a few things I'd like to see more of in 2011:

- Followers. Obviously, any blogger wants to know their writing is being read! And for me, many of my readers are from facebook, but aren't official followers. So, that being said, I wouldn't mind a little more commitment from you anon's out there. ; ]

- Giveaways! I want to work towards being able to give you all more for your loyal readership. You know I love to give, give, give! I hope to be able to give even more back to you this coming year.

- Book reviews. I'm loving the response I'm getting to the book recent book reviews. I hope to work towards, quality and quantity of reviews in 2011 - in hopes that you all might continue to read what I recommend and give me feedback as well. I love talking to you all about books! (Note: currently reading - A Million Little Pieces by James Frey).

- The honesty that stretches me. This year I wore myself out being open and honest with you all on some entries that I'm proud of. I hope for more of those entries in 2011 and it is my hope that I will continue to receive such incredible responses to them from you all.

Alright, your turn to do your part!


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Tara said...

i say keep doing what you're doing, because i like your blog just how it is!