Wednesday, July 6, 2011


What is it about 'getting away'? Having a trip to look forward to warms my heart and being able to get out of town and clear my head does immeasurable good. I truly treasure the time I have here in Tampa but there's something about getting out of town that appeals to me no matter how good life is going.

I could barely sleep the night before I was so excited about my trip to Scottsburg. As my roommate drove me across the bridge early Thursday morning I could barely contain myself. I boarded my flight like a child awaiting Christmas morning and desperately tried to concentrate on my book.

I practically leapt from my second row seat as they turned off the fasten seat belt sign and allowed us to deplane in Lexington, Kentucky. After 5 months of waiting (since booking this flight) I was finally here - 6 days with my best friend in what has come to be one of my favorite towns - Scottsburg, IN.

The small town charm of the town sucked me right back in and I snuck away early the next morning for a jog around town. Unlike Tampa, which is overrun with fitness loving freaks, I didn't have to share the sidewalks with any other joggers and I felt comfortable enough to take a few snapshots during my walking intervals.

It was the perfect change of pace for a busy city girl like myself. I came back from that walk/jog and announced with complete honesty that for the first time in months I actually felt relaxed. A strange thing to say, especially coming from a girl who finds a few hours of pool time practically every week - but I went to Scottsburg without my 'to do' lists and emptied my mind of work and life plans and goals and just allowed myself to be. I honestly didn't even use my planner - this is BIG!

I have to say I think I could get use to a slower pace of life. It would take a little while for me to undo the freakishly obsessive habits I've made but once I get relaxed I really do love it.



Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Glad you got to enjoy a change of pace. I know you've had a lot going on lately. Here if you want to talk!

NA said...

Awesome pictures & happy you felt comfortable enough to stop & snap a few shots between intervals. It's so funny to me now to see tractors, barns, etc in pictures because just like Tampa we definitely don't see that in Atlanta. Sounds like your getaway was well deserved and fun! Not using your planner also big! Feels awesome to let go of those things for a short time huh?

Heather said...

It's always nice to get away! I'm glad you enjoyed it. BFF time is the best.