Thursday, July 14, 2011

When I'm Stressed I...

...get really productive. Ok fine, I'm kind of weirdly productive anyway. But when my stress levels go up it gets so much worse! Instead of a daily one page list of 'to do's they get 2 pages long. I wake up hours early and stay up later and I crank out every possible chore you can think of. Last year mid-event-season I was dusting the trim in my house at 3am on a regular basis. I mean, it's better than taking up drinking, right? ;]

So last night after work, errands, fro yo with a friend, and catching up on the phone with one of my close friends from Indy - I reorganized my whole bathroom. Yeah, because who doesn't need to totally revamp their bathroom once a month, in the middle of the night, when they have to get up at 5:30 the following morning? Anywho, I bought some new storage containers and went to town in my medicine cabinet, the built in cabinet above my toilette, and the cabinets underneath my sink. My drawers are already pretty organized although I try'n go through and toss a few old tubes of mascara from time to time.

I don't like using a busy week (like working 20 hours of overtime, traveling for work all weekend, and starting new classes at the gym) as an excuse to let other important things fall by the wayside. So, I'm pleased to report that I'm staying caught up with my bible study homework, finished book #24 just in time to return it the library, have a clean room and bathroom, and have managed to do 4 loads of laundry (though I do confess they're not yet put away).

I was struck while stuffing my face with yogurtology by something my friend, Daniel said. He said that while his job keeps him more than busy he realizes he's a relational person and he can't neglect time with friends. He is wise in so many ways and this really hit home with me. As I've purposed this year to be a more thoughtful friend I've really realized just how important it is to invest in my relationships. I may not have a ton of free time but I work in face time with friends, phone calls to my back-home-bffs, and I send about a card a day. I refuse to let the chaos that is my work, home, and sometimes even spiritual life keep me from being a great friend.

No excuses here. I may write half my greeting cards before 6am and I may read books at stoplights to work it all in - but it gets done. I never want to look back and see a list of accomplishments and no solid friendships. This time in my life and those relationships are important. And I may or may not have some of those phone conversations while scrubbing bathroom tiles with a toothbrush, but hey, don't judge. : ]



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