Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Matters Under Heaven.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven - Ecclesiastes 3:1

Many of you know that I've been leading a small group in my home for about 2 years now (wow, has it really been that long?). I have a great group of girls and as they've come and gone the Lord has used each of them to touch my life in a unique way. I'm so grateful that they're willing to meet with me week after week and I can only hope I contribute something back, because I sure do receive so much from being with them.

We've embarq'd on a new study, the study of Ruth - as mapped out for us by Kelly Minter. I always have a tough time choosing studies, with so many options out there and wanting to choose studies that will grow each girl in the group as well as myself. I have to say after only one week, I think this study chose us! We're off to an incredible start.

One day of last weeks 'homework' asked this question: are you in a season of trial or a season of blessing. I stopped to ponder that for a moment. I am not in the easiest season of my life by any means - between a breakup, a busy time at work, starting a new tough workout program (crossfit), and being apart from my family as my little niece is growing by the day. But I have to tell you I know with clarity that this is a season of blessing for me. It isn't totally without trials which I chalk up to my growing faith and the devil being increasinly uncomfortable with my growing desire to serve the Lord. But the God's honest truth is that this is clearly a season of blessing.

Let me give you a few reasons why:

- I have asked and the Lord has answered. I've spend more time in prayer these last few months then I had in a long time and I have seen the Lord answer over and over. Not always with the answer I want or the answer I thought he would but with answers nonetheless. He is speaking to me.

- I have had the peace only the Lord can give even as I've faced some tough things. I keep waiting to freak out but honestly, the Lord keeps providing the peace I need to face each obsticle.

- I have a beautiful (I can already tell) niece on the way and I’m overwelmed by how much I already love her. My older sister is my closest friend and I know she's going to be the most amazing mom. I can't wait to be an aunt.

- I have experienced the Lord's provision in a just as I need it kind of way. Not just with peace or finances but in every possible way.

- I have been surrounded and I do mean SURROUNDED with amazing, loving friends. Calls, letters, texts, visits, meals... seriously, there's just been a 'random' outpouring of love in my life lately that I know I couldn't possibly deserve but I'm soakin it up.

- A wonderful small group as I already shared who is actively seeking the Lord and spurring me on as well.

- A growing relationship with each of my family members who are each amazing.

This my friends is a period of blessing at it's finest and I am thankful for it.



Neely said...

Sooooo much to be thankful for!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Good post! I am SO bad about looking at all of the stressful things in my life instead of the blessings!

p.s. Ruth is one of my favorite books/characters in the Bible. I think the Old Testament is horribly neglected!