Friday, July 8, 2011

Retail Therapy of the Fabulous Variety.

I was having a bit of a downer day on Wednesday, coming off a great vacation and back to the real world I was feeling a bit blue. I decided that since I did such a good job of not spending money while I was away (other than the obvious eating out, etc) I could have a little lunch time shopping spree.

I headed over to Marshall's to for some retail therapy, Becca Christensen style. This of course included 4 new packs of stationary (they have the best stationary and for really reasonable there) and 3 new candles. I love when my room/house smell lovely in the evenings and I consider burning fabulous smelling candles to be a treat - so after using up the last of my stash recently (while giving myself a pedi) I decided I could indulge in a few new scents.

After work Wednesday night I curled up in front of the TV to clean off my Tivo with new stationary and burning a new candle to unwind. Since buying the condo, being at home has taken on a new feel for me. I love nights when I can sit alone in my living room. Ok ok, OR bake in my kitchen. But seriously, the batch pad has made me quite the 'homebody'.

Other than the obvious (clothes) what do you all buy when you need a little retail therapy? Another of my favorites is a few new songs on itunes. That always perks up my workout playlist or gives me some sad new love song to sing while I drive across the water (a favorite mind-clearing-pass-time of mine).



aub said...

My retail therapy tends to involve kitchen gadgets and trips to the grocery store... I love to buy "wild card" items and make a yummy new meal! Love you!

Neely said...

Stationary is the best! Like fo shiz