Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Loves.

1. Reading poolside. I had an hour of freetime Saturday after going into the office all morning to prep for our Rams event this coming weekend. I grabbed my James Patterson novel (one of my planned summer reads) and sat on the stairs of the pool and soaked up a few rays while I took out another 100 pages of my novel.

2. Adele's 21 CD. A special someone introduced me to this fabulous CD and I haven't stopped listening to it since I purchased it last week. My favorite songs so far are 1, 3, and 5. Obsessed. Expect some lyric posting at some point from this one, I'd be willing to bet they'll make it on the blog eventually.

3. Catching up with Old Friends. This weekend I got the chance to see a great childhood friend, Peyton, who's been in China the last couple of years. Thankfully since I basically share his family as my own while I'm here in Tampa, I get to see him every time he's in town. But this weekend was an especially fun blast from my past when I got to hangout with Bekah (my roommate who I've known since age 5), Peyton (we've been friends since... 5th grade maybe?) and we even went to visit my friend Sean at work whom I've known since 6th grade. I love old friends.

4. Writing letters. If nothing else I'm consistent in my writing of letters. Lately I've been a bit more keen on it than my usual handful a week. In an exciting turn of events I've also been receiving quite a few letters as of late. I love snail mail, it never gets old for me.

5. My best friend. I just found out I will get to see her AGAIN this coming weekend and I couldn't be happier.

6. Baking Bread. So even though I'm not much of a bread eater myself I LOVE to bake it. I tried a new recipe this weekend that was way better than the last one I tried. The roomie and I had a night in Friday night and watched a movie and ate soup and homemade bread.

I am loving summer a little more everyday.




Café Moka said...

Great summer loves!
Have a great week girl!

Neely said...

Yeah we are basically the same. True story! Loves you!

Meghan said...

Adele is so amazing. Love her!