Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Little of This and That.

Ok were just going to tackle a few random items this morning...

1. I started my 5th weight loss competition Monday so while I refuse to post how much I weight or like a picture of myself in a bikini every week - I think for accountability I'm going to post how I did each week since we're monitoring the leader of the competition with percentage of total weight lost.

2. I worked on my budget over our Rams event last weekend and I've tightened it up. So far it's been less painful that expected but I think that's because my time has been taken up with free things (like working out). It will probably hit me sometime soon, don't worry.

3. I've recently become pen pals with a few of my favorite blog friends and I'm loving the influx of mail from sweet friends.

4. I'm working on even MORE travel plans for 6 upcoming trips. Life is going to be crazy but exciting these next few months.

5. I've taken a new found interest in exercise classes (instead of just working myself out). I'm headed to one again today after work. Crossfit again tomorrow. Whew.

Hope all is well with you all.


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Neely said...

YAY for pen pals :)