Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Monday.

Here's to hoping this WON'T be a manic Monday. I am doing a 12 week weight loss competition with 2 friends and this week was our first official weigh in for a loss and I'm down 3.8 pounds! Woot. I will give most of this great start credit to Crossfit and joining Shapes (I did 2 classes and a cardio workout there this week) but of course I'm back to counting calories and that doesn't hurt either.

I had a scare Saturday morning after my weight lifting class @ the gym. I decided I had enough time to grab a little outdoor cardio on Bayshore (for you non-Tampa-peeps this is a long stretch of sidewalk along the water where people walk, jog, bike, etc). So I set out a couple miler feeling pretty good considering I'd just had my glutes kicked in 'Just Pump'.

No joke, the guy in front of my literally passed out cold in front of me. It was a scary reminder of just how hot it gets here in Florida and how careful those of us who dare to workout outdoors in the heat of the day should be. I helped him as best I could (but over a mile from my car, water, or anything super useful there was only so much I could do). I have to say for someone who usually subscribes to the 'walk it off' form of sympathy it really gave me a scare.

I had a productive weekend that involved cleaning my entire house (yes that included dusting my fan and some of my baseboards even), babysitting a few of my favorite kiddos, tackling a couple hundred pages of reading, making process in 3 areas of my new 'life plan' (I wish I could share more about that with you all but I just can't yet). Got to catch up over lunch with my friends Chris and Michelle and spend some of Sunday laying by the pool talking about absolutely everything with my friend Jessica (we met on a plane, no lie).

I finally feel rested after a couple crazy weekends in a row and I'm actually pretty pumped about this week. I love starting off a week skinnier and with a clean house. Got my gym clothes packed for Crossfit after work today and lunches for the week prepped. This is going to be a good one, loves.



Kerbi said...

Way to go girl! I've been wanting to try cross fit for a while but we don't have a studio that close to us!

Meghan said...

I love your motivation, girl! Congrats!